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Backpack »Henry«

Rs. 17,499.00


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In the search for the original form of the backpack, we inevitably ended up at the beginnings of professional mountaineering. The spectacular first ascents at the beginning of the 20th century cast a spell over us. These expeditions would have been unimaginable without reliable equipment. Our »Henry« backpack is our tribute to the heroes of mountaineering and an authentic replica of these masterpieces of bag making. Backpack »Henry« is by far our most elaborate bag. But it's precisely the many small details that give seriousness to this bag. As a tribute to the eternal heroes and inspiration for new ones.

»Henry« has two slightly padded and length-adjustable shoulder straps. The back of the backpack has high-quality stitching and is lightly padded for more comfort. Inside there is a large compartment in which a 13" laptop or tablet computer can be safely stowed away. In the front area there is also a closable compartment for valuables inside. Outside there are closable outer pockets on the sides.

The backpack is of high quality. All wear points are lined with leather on the outside. All stress points are additionally reinforced. The back is padded and elaborately quilted. The underside of the masterpiece is made entirely of leather.