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Backpack »Ryan«

Rs. 15,499.00


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Roll-top backpack »Ryan« is a purist daypack with a 15 inch laptop compartment. This trendy roll-top look is inspired by the backpacks of bicycle couriers that have been familiar from the world's major cities since the 90s. The highlight is that these backpacks are very variable in size and can be rolled up or down depending on the contents. »Ryan« is a charming blend of modernity and tradition. Rough soul, soft core.

The daypack is closed at the top with a zip and can be rolled up at the top, depending on the filling volume. The rolled edge is fixed at the top with a leather strap. On the outside, the bicycle backpack has two zipped compartments. One at the front and one at the side. Inside, the backpack has a padded 15" laptop compartment and another zipped compartment for valuables. The shoulder straps are adjustable in length.

Backpack »Ryan« is made almost entirely by hand. The production of a single bag takes countless hours. Only natural and sustainable materials are used. All wear points are lined with leather on the outside. All stress points are additionally reinforced. The back of the backpack is padded and elegantly stitched in "diamond stitch". Our DRAKENSBERG signature element.