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COACH New York Eau de Parfum 90 ml for Women

Rs. 6,050.00
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Coach introduces a timeless and universal creation that is for the modern woman, Coach EDP. A woman of character, with a strong sense of individuality. A woman with an authentic, effortlessly elegant style. She is true to herself, which makes her simply cool. Her adventurous and free spirit takes her on a life journey of endless possibilities. She is the author of her story and for every new chapter that she writes, she signs her scent. Coach eau De parfum is a modern, classic fragrance inspired by New York City's spontaneous energy and downtown casual chic style.TOP NOTERaspberry LeavesMIDDLE NOTETurkish RosesBASE NOTESuede MusksUSE BEFORE/EXPIRY/BEST BEFORE60 Months from ManufacturedFRAGRANCE FAMILYFloralSIZE90 mlOCCASIONCelebrationKEY FEATURESShelf Life: 60 MonthsFRAGRANCE TYPEEau de ParfumNUMBER OF PIECES1COUNTRY OF ORIGINItalyCOMBONo

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