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Weekender »David« & toiletry bag »Glen«

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In the beginning there was the idea of ​​designing the perfect travel bag. We sought the essence of travel in the past, when travel was still a real adventure. The result is a dream of a travel bag. A tribute to the true soul of travel. Travel culture in its purest and most original form. Based on the iconic basic shape of the travel bag, which originated in Duffel, a city in Belgium, in the 18th century. Living history with many authentic and practical details.

The weekender »David« is a sporty travel bag for longer weekend trips of up to 5 days. The bag can be slung casually over the shoulder or carried elegantly by hand on the leather strap. It is particularly easy to open and fill. The leather straps on the side can be detached for additional storage space of up to 80 litres.

The vintage look of the »Glen« wash bag can be opened wide with the long zipper and is therefore very easy to fill. The bottom is made entirely of buffalo leather, which gives the travel toiletry bag dimensional stability and stability. The inside of the "Glen" toiletry bag has 2 practical storage compartments that stay in shape thanks to elastic bands. There is also a useful zip compartment inside.

The bags are of high quality. All wear points are lined with leather on the outside. All stress points are additionally reinforced. The bottom of the bag is padded and elegantly quilted in "diamond stitch". Our DRAKENSBERG signature element.