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Cuckoo Clock KQ-30

Rs. 62,800.00
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 Dimension :
Height : 14” x Width : 16” x Depth : 8”

Weight : Appx. 3 Kgs.

Animation :
• Turning Water Wheel
• Turning Dolls With Pets

Features :
• Cuckoo sounds on each hour with echo, followed by a musical melody played every hour with  Turning Water wheel and Turning Dolls With Pets

• On the side of the cabinet :
- There is a light sensor by which the cuckoo strikes and music is switched off automatically during the night. (in the absence of light)
- A switch for the sound - Cuckoo music on/music off/ cuckoo & music off and cuckoo volume control

• Cuckoo clock cabinet, dial, pendulum, weights and hands are handcrafted, made of Black Forest German Wood.

• The height of the clock does not include the length of the pendulum and weights. The length of suspended weights is 12 inches.

• Cuckoo clock requires 3 no's-‘c’ size Lr14, 1.5v Varta batteries. This clock comes with the necessary batteries included so you can enjoy your new clock right away.

• Black forest German cuckoo clocks have a 2 years international warranty against manufacturing defects.

• 12 melodies, alternately playing - Happy wanderer • Edelweiss • Dr. Zhivago • Swan lake • He was Beautiful • Lorelei • Home sweet home • Sound of silence • Clementine • The entertainer • Love theme of the movie • For Elise.

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