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Turks vs Crusaders

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Battle of the Turks and the Latin Church to recover the Holy Land (1095-1291) The Battle of Dorylaeum (modern day Eskisehir, Turkey) took place during the First Crusade on 1st July, 1097 between the crusader forces and the Seljuk Turks, near the city of Darylaeum in Anatolia. Though the Turkish forces of Kilij Arslan nearly destroyed the Crusader contingent of Bohemond, other Crusader Reinforcements arrived just in time to reverse the tide of the battle resulting in the Crusaders' victory. Commanders and leaders: Bohemond of Taranto, Robert Curthose, Godfrey of Bouillon, Adhemar of Le Puy

SIZE-200*100*60 Weight

DETAIL Wooden Board on a Box with individual slots for safe storage of Chess Figures