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Cable-Organizer »Tony«

Rs. 6,499.00



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Do you know that feeling? Where are my headphones? Where did the charging cable go again? Always tangled cables! Yes? Then maybe our large cable case »Tony« (L) is something for you. Nowadays, it's hard to imagine traveling without smartphones, laptops, and their accessories. To ensure that everything finally has its place and is kept safe while on the go, we have developed this useful leather cable case.

Use this pouch as individually as you are. Thanks to the loops inside the box, you can conveniently secure charging cables or USB drives. But even over-ear headphones, larger plugs, and cables will find a secure place in the cable pouch.

In addition to the small version of »Tony«, the large variant has a built-in compartment made of recycled wool. This gives you an additional option to store your valuable accessories and provides a protective layer between the upper and lower levels.

Note: The cables and other products shown in the pictures are for illustration purposes only and are not part of the offer.