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Duffel Bag »Dean«

Rs. 6,187.99 Rs. 8,821.49
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Until the beginning of the 20th century, seafaring was the only real option for long-distance travel. The exploration of our planet would also have been unthinkable without seafaring. Ship names such as Endeavour, Victoria or Santa Maria will probably forever stand for the greatest ventures in human history. Like hardly any other piece of luggage, the duffel bag stands as a symbol for this spirit of discovery and heroism.,

Travelling light is the idea behind our compact duffel bag »Dean«. Despite the light weight, we have not sacrificed practical details. The kit bag has a large easy-access outer pocket and an inner pocket for valuables. The sea bag is suitable as carry-on luggage and holds clothes for 3 days of travel and more.

The duffel bag has a high quality finish. All wear points are lined with leather on the outside. All stress points are additionally reinforced.